Essentials Golf Accessories for Beginners

Golf is a sport which requires a lot of things. You will need a golf ball, golf bag, club, golf apparel or t-shirt, shoes, cap, sunglasses, and many other accessories. As a beginner, do you need all of these already? Below are the essential golf accessories that you should have as you try to learn the sport.

Golf Gloves

During the early 1900s, gloves were not a popular golf accessory. Players refused to wear gloves because they perceived them as uncomfortable. When they feel uncomfortable, they might miss the shot. One of the first professional golf players who wear gloves is Sam Snead. This led to an increase in interest for these accessories. During the 1960s, the gloves’ popularity finally soared.

golf accessoriesThe makers of golf gloves made sure that the players gain maximum comfort while wearing gloves. They did plenty of research as to what material has to be used, what structure the glove should follow, and many other aspects. They worked hard to ensure that golf gloves are performing their function to: (1) Protect the players’ hands, and (2) Provide a better grip.

Gloves shield the players’ hand, ensuring that wounds won’t be an issue even with repeated swings. These golf accessories also provide a better grip on the golf club. Simply put, researchers were able to find out how to make the gloves less slippery.

In the 1930s, golf gloves are usually fingerless or backless. Now, they are created with different additional features like a snap-on ball markers, bells, and whistles. Not all golfers wear gloves on both of their hands; most prefer to wear a glove on their non-dominant hand, which is more prone to wounds and soreness.

Ball Marker

Ball marker is used to mark the position of the golf ball on the green. It is a small, usually round, accessory that golfers may carry in their pockets. Ball markers have different variations. They can also be customized; college and professional golf teams usually imprint their logos on their ball markers.

These accessories are made of metal or plastic. There are ball markers which are incorporated with other golf accessories like tee holders, divot tools, and score keeping tools. If the players do not carry a golf ball marker with them, they can use a small coin to mark the ball.

The player, his partner, or anyone who is authorized by the player can mark the ball; but regardless of who marked the ball, the violation (if any) will be given to the player. Golf balls may be marked when: (1) the ball is on the green, (2) the ball is damaged and needs to be inspected, (3) the player is unsure if the ball is his or not, and (4) the game is suspended due to threatening weather.

Divot Tool

Divot repair tool is another essential accessory every golf player should bring with them. This tool repairs the indentations that the golf ball leaves on the green once it landed. Divot tools are like two-prong forks. They come in many styles. To use this accessory, you have to stick its fork into the green on the indentation and then, you have to lift it slightly. The part that you lifted will then be leveled with the rest of the green.

Manufacturers understand how it may be inconvenient to carry a lot of accessories when one is playing golf. In order to address this inconvenience, they developed 2-in-1 accessories like the divot tool with ball marker. This combination accessory is usually made of metal. The ball marker sticks on the divot tool through the use of magnets. Some of the divot repair tools have a clip attachment to hold the marker.

For the golfers who want to keep their pockets empty, they can clip the divot tool with ball market on the outside of their hip pocket, on the front of their shirt, on the brim of their cap, or anywhere else that they can easily reach.


These accessories are made of wood or plastic. Wooden tees are less expensive and disposable. On the other hand, plastic tees can be reused. Tees are like spikes which have small cup on the head. The function of tees is to hold the ball off the ground during (and only on) the first stroke or drive of each hole. Golf balls can be rested on the head of the tees.

Tees vary in length. Shorter tees are 1 ½ to 2 1/2 inches; they are easy to plant and are suitable for irons. Shorter tees are also less likely to be broken compared to the longer ones. Longer tees are generally 3 inches to 3 ½ inches; they can be used on modern deep-faced woods. Longer tees allow the golfers to place the ball higher off the ground.

Other variations of tees include Step tee and Brush tee. Step tee can provide a consistent ball height for every shot with its milled spool-shaped upper half. The head of brush tee is made of stiff bristles where you can place the golf ball; it can provide less interference to the golf club and/or ball at impact, which results to straighter and longer flights.

You should purchase tees in bulk as you’ll be using them a lot.

Aside from those golf accessories, you will also need towels and golf brushes to clean your golf clubs after each shot, rain gear to shield yourself and your golf equipment from the rain, and ball retrievers to get your expensive golf balls if they get soaked in the water.

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Ambiguous Chronology of Military Coins – Untraceable History

Military coins are pieces of metal, or medallions, which commonly bear the organization’s symbol of authority or insignia. They are also known as “challenge coins” for they are presented whenever an involved individual in an organization is asked to prove his or her membership. At present, these coins are widely used. However, their advent is still a historical uncertainty. A great deal of legends have formed challenge coins into being, as some are outlined and discussed in this article.

The Account of a Young Pilot

Many believe that military coins first emerged during World War I. An affluent lieutenant have ordered bronze military medallions to be presented to members of his unit. In a small leather pouch, a medallion was kept by a young pilot. The pilots’ aircraft suffered major damage from ground fire.

As a result, the young pilot landed forcibly behind enemy lines. He was abruptly taken captive by German patrols, who prevented him from escaping by confiscating all of his personal identification except for the leather pouch containing the medallion. Fortunately, he was able to escape when he was brought to a small French town. The French knew that saboteurs pretend to be civilians and wear civilian clothes. The French mistook the pilot for a saboteur and prepared him to be executed. They did not recognize his American accent and he had no personal identification at all, aside from his leather pouch. He showed one of the military coins to his captors and one of them recognized the insignia of his military unit. They did not execute him and gave him a bottle of wine instead.

military coinsThe medallion is impressive as it was able to save the life of the young pilot. It brings security, faith, and trustworthiness to the army members. The military unit of the young pilot started the tradition of carrying a medallion, or a military coin, always. This tradition is rather straightforward – a challenger would request to see another person’s coin and if the challenged person fails to comply, he’d have to buy the challenger a drink. Otherwise, the challenger will pay for the drink.

The Identity of the “Bona Fides”

Other records seem to indicate that challenge coins can be traced way back during World War II. The medallions were known to be first used by a personnel of the Office of Strategic Service. A Jolly sixpence club was proposed amongst the junior officers of the 107th Infantry. In the club, the medallions which are issued only to bona fide members, were used to authenticate one’s personal identification in a meeting. This practice averted the entry of spies in their meetings.

Acknowledging Honorable Service

In the post-Korean Conflict Era, military coins were made by Colonel William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn for those who served under him. Colonel Verne Green also adopted this practice to honor the service of the members of his army. He had an exceptional medallion with the unit’s crest and motto. This practice was upheld until the 1980s, only by his military unit.

May it be for verifying one’s identity, securing an organization, or giving honor to those whoselflessly serve the country – the tradition was collectively used in different locations all over the world. Because of its powerful function, the coin traditions even arrived outside the military, adopted by organizations such as NASCAR, the NFL, cadets of the Civil Air Patrol, Eagle Scouts, and World Series of Poker.

All in all, regardless of their nature and origin, the military coins served their purpose even to this day. Surely, they have had a great impact in the society throughout the decades.

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Buy Instagram Followers for SMO

Much like the real world, the world of social media can be harsh and unforgiving at times. People who own at least one social media account are acting on their basic instinct: to attract attention. The results vary: they gain admirers, they gain other people who at least share their opinions and preferences, they gain virtual enemies who are at odds with them on any type of topic, or they gain nothing. If you gain something positive, good. You are on the right track to stardom. If you gain something negative, you need to fix at least one thing that is wrong with you or your account – sometimes even both. If you gain nothing, you might have the worst luck in the world.

Brand awarenessThe practice of search engine optimization (SEO) has found its way into social media; and appropriately, it is called social media optimization, or SMO. As with SEO, the advantages of implementing SMO should be obvious: increased exposure to your page, increased brand awareness (especially if you own a business), and being the talk of the town, whatever site you may land on.

Instagram was just a simple photo-sharing app where people would just peek more at the photos more than the words. And ever since the app’s acquisition by Facebook and its release on Android, its popularity exploded, prompting crafty people to label it a social network and leveraging its potential powers for optimization. The logic when at Instagram: more followers, more exposure. Then a strategy is formulated: buy Instagram followers, implement SMO. It is a simple logical theory, but it can be quite an effort when it is actually done.

App’s acquisitionAs with SEO, SMO comes in different flavors, good and bad. Good SEO/SMO is called white hat SEO/SMO; while bad SEO/SMO is called black hat SEO/SMO. The middle ground is called gray hat SEO/SMO. In the realm of social media, white hat practices of improving exposure include manually spreading the word about the photo not just on Instagram, but also on other social networks; as well as having famous websites and/or celebrities link to your photos. If you own multiple social media accounts, then good for you. You can cross-link things between your accounts to get the needed exposure.  This is the standard practice for companies in recent years. On the other hand, black hat practices on social media include hashtag abuse and links to malware which are disguised as something else with the use of social engineering.  This is the reason why Instagram nowadays implements a 30-hastag limit.

If you buy Instagram followers, you will be treading on the gray hat area. The practice itself is neither good nor bad – the SMO companies use it to either legitimately add the followers you need, or cause ruckus on Instagram by flooding it with spambots, compromised accounts, and pictures that look legitimate at first, but are actually something else.

So before you buy Instagram followers, you must first check the reputations of SMO companies you plan to use. Search for legitimate reviews on mainstream sites, and steer clear of bogus review sites that rig their opinions of illegitimate “buy Instagram followers” sites just to make easy money. Consult trusted SEO/SMO experts, as they will most likely have the final word on who to rely on and who to avoid.

Instagram and social media in general are just outlets for us humans to express and sell ourselves. We can have fun with social media, or we can do serious business with it. Humans have an innate desire of craving for attention, and social media just amplifies that desire. But make sure that this desire inside you does not take over.