Choosing the Right Colors for Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are hip and fun. They can be great fashion accessories. You can also use these bracelets for various activities and purpose, too.

Choosing the right color for your rubber bracelets is important. If you’re using it as a fashion statement, you can choose bold colors. You can also use colors that blend well with your clothes. But, if you’re using the rubber wristbands for political rallies, you can use the campaign color of the candidate that you’re supported.

You can also choose colors for their various meanings:



rubber braceletsThis is the color of optimism and social communication. You can use this color when you’re conveying a positive message. For example, if you’re using the rubber wristbands to improve your work environment, you can use the color orange. You can print something like “We work as a team”, “Together, we can be #1”, or “This is a team of champs”. Printing these words on orange silicone wristbands will help motivate your employees and inspire them to be better.


This is the color of money. It also has a relaxing effect and it is the color of nature, too. When you’re fund-raising or organizing a tree-planting event, you can give away green custom silicone bracelets to your participants.

3.Royal Blue

This color attracts people who are impulsive. This color is perfect for marketing because it encourages buyers to buy the product right away. You can use royal blue rubber bracelets for marketing promotions. You can give these free wristbands outside your store to lure people to get in.


Red is the color of excitement, strength, energy, passion, desire, courage, and determination. Like the royal blue, red also creates a strong sense of urgency. You can use this color if you’re using the bracelets to convey a social message. You can print serious social message like “Stop the war now” or “We need change”.


This is the color of royalty and luxury. This color is perfect to use when you’re selling luxury items or anti-aging products.


This color is lively, overwhelming, and it represents the summer. You can use yellow silicone bracelets for summer sporting activities and beach events. You can also use this for summer outings. Like the orange, yellow is a great color for motivation, too. So, you can use yellow rubber bands to motivate your employees to work harder and better.


Gray is the color of intelligence and traditionalism. You can distribute gray rubber wristbands during conference and seminars. You can also print the name and purpose of the conference on your wristband.


Black is the power of sophistication, elegance, power, and formality. You can also use black rubber bracelets for seminars, conferences, and marketing. You can also use these bracelets to communicate specific causes.


White is the color of purity and innocence. This is also the best color to use for custom rubber wristbands because it is neutral and it goes well with other colors. You can use white rubber wristbands for almost anything – school clubs, school activities, marketing, sporting, and political events.

When choosing the right color for your bracelets, you must also consider the people who are going to use it. For example, if you’re going to give the rubber bracelets to teenagers, you can use neon pink, green, and orange. You can also use these colors for marathons and concerts. For marketing, you can use red, yellow, or navy blue. You can also use these colors for sporting events. But, in designing custom silicone wristbands for professionals, you can choose white, gray, and black. Most professionals and adults prefer neutral colors.

Our wristbands are also available in a range of bright colors, which makes the customized silicone wristbands, rubber bracelets an effective way to promote or publicize a good cause, a business or a sports team.