Logo Lanyards: Other Uses You Haven’t Heard Of

Anyone who has gone to school or worked at a company where having your ID or security badge visible at all times is a necessity knows how important lanyards are. They keep one’s ID card or security badge in place for easier access in case they need to show it to security personnel or swipe the badge over an electronic lock to gain entry into high security areas.

Companies and schools have even taken things up a notch by issuing logo lanyards that identify an employee or student even before their identification cards have been inspected by security. Aside from aiding in keeping up with security protocols, customized lanyards with a company, school, or organization’s logo printed on it serves other purposes as well. Here are just some of them.

1. Branding

Logo LanyardsPart of brand development is getting people to notice a company or product’s name. While advertisements and billboards are effective in this area, it can get quite expensive, especially for startup companies or products that are just new to the market. In order to get their name out there, many companies print their logo on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts and give them away to employees, customers, and business partners. Why not place the logo around people’s necks as well?

Aside from IDs and security badges, lanyards can also be used to carry mobile phones, mp3 players, keys, and other small items depending on the attachment at the end of the nylon or polyester loop. Logo lanyards give a brand a lot of free exposure when people use them to carry their small valuables around their necks everywhere they go. Want good lanyards visit www.wholesalelanyards.com.

2. Identification during events

Large gatherings such as conventions, expos, and concerts draw a great number of people to a venue. This can create confusion and as a result, can turn into a big security problem. Issuing ID badges helps a little bit in solving this problem, but constantly flashing these ID badges can be a great inconvenience for people attending or organizing the events.

Having a customized lanyard with the logo of the event or the sponsoring companies can help organize people by identifying where they belong. Attendees, participants, VIPs, and event organizers can be issued color-coded logo lanyards to use with their ID badges to identify who’s who in a huge crowd of people.

3. To show support

People often show their support for professional or amateur sports teams by the way they dress to the event. Fans can take it one step further by wearing a lanyard with a team’s logo on it. Schools can also distribute lanyards to their students and alumni during homecoming games and other official school activities to show solidarity and support for the team in particular and the school in general. This also applies to charitable organizations that want to raise awareness for their cause. They can either be given away to those who show up at the event or sold as part of fund raising efforts.

4. Family gatherings and trips

The use of customized lanyards with a family crest or a slogan with the family name printed on them are a cost efficient way to identify people during a reunion or trip. Large groups often find themselves separated during trips to theme parks, events, and other places that are filled with people. Wearing these custom made lanyards can help these groups save time trying to find one another in a large crowd.

Who would have thought that a strip of polyester or nylon fabric can do so many things for so many people? This just proves that logo lanyards aren’t just for students or employees. They’re for everyone.